History of the Network

The Network was set up in 2013 following a seminar entitled “Developments in Hate Crimes Research” at Cardiff University in April 2012. It is a cross-jurisdictional and interdisciplinary organisation that aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge about the study of hate and hate crime.This is a growing area of scholarship which has expanded rapidly over the past few decades. There are now various centres and institutes across the globe dedicated to exploring the phenomenon of hate and hate-motivated crime.  Specialised journals, such as the Journal of Hate Studies, published by the Institute of Hate Studies, symbolise the importance that is now attached to understanding conceptions of hate. You will find many other centres and publications listed on this website.

Run by academics and practitioners, the Network seeks to not only promote understanding about the root causes of hate and hate crime, but to understand ways in which it can be combated in society. Hate has no borders and, with the proliferation of online sources and resources, its study needs a multi-disciplinary and international focus as well as one which examines local and jurisdiction-specific causes and responses. [whohit]history[/whohit]

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