Impacts of hate crime

Understanding the harms of hate crime

Understanding the harms of hate crime

BY DR JENNY PATERSON, DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY, NORTHUMBRIA UNIVERSITY; PROF MARK WALTERS, SCHOOL OF LAW, PLITICS AND SOCIOLOGY, UNIVERSITY OF SUSSEX After the England men’s football team reached their first major final in 55 years, the national headlines should have been celebrating their exceptional achievement. Instead, the focus quickly turned to the vile racist abuse targeted…

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  • Mario: Eye opening -good research and reporting - UK wake up- time for change!
  • Jasreen: This article has opened my eyes. I didn't realise transphobic rhetoric was so pervasive in...
  • Niran: Hello, do you know if there are new grants for hate-related grants?
  • Mark Walters: Hi Natalie. Please click on the link here to participate in this event: https://www.eventb...

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