A day with an Imam: Prevent duty and signs of radicalisation

Signs of Islamic Extremism and the process of radicalisation are complex, multi-faceted issues that need to be delivered and facilitated by experienced professionals. Therefore this full day training course is led by a qualified Imam (Muslim priest), who has studied at a traditional British Islamic seminary on a qualifying course for seven years and is well versed in the Quran (Muslim holy book), Hadeeth (sayings of the Prophet Muahmmed Pbuh) and Islamic jurisprudence. This unprecedented level of access to Islamic knowledge for delegates ensures an unrivalled course delivery experience. He is also a WRAP accredited trainer. Participants can actively ask the most sensitive of questions relating to Islamic extremism and ideologies and engage with discussion safe in the understanding that they are in the hands of an Islamic expert. We believe that the experience of a trainer to be an essential competency as well as a unique feature in delivering this course. The trainer will be able to quote the specific Arabic text from the Quran and Hadeeth that are misconstrued by extremists to fuel their ideology and offer full explanations and counter narratives within relevant socio-political, historical and contemporary contexts. This adds further value to the delegates immersive experience.

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