10 Feb 2023

6th International Conference on Research in Social Sciences and Humanities

Friday 10 – Sunday 12 February 2023, Budapest, Hungary   The 6th edition of this noteworthy conference is coming to Budapest this year. Built on the pillars of open exchange of knowledge and cross-border learning, this social science conference seeks to offer an exceptional style and quality of education in the fields of social sciences…

17 Feb 2023

Conference – Im/migrant Well-Being: A Nexus for Research and Policy

Friday 17 – Saturday 18 February 2023, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA   Hosted by: The Im/Migrant Well-Being Scholar Collaborative (IWSC) Conference Organizers: Elizabeth Aranda, University of South Florida – Immigrant WellBeing Research Center; and Elizabeth Vaquera, The George Washington University – Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute Immigration is not just a legal process, nor is it…

20 Apr 2023

7th International Conference on Hate Studies: The Challenges of Hate in the 21st Century

Thursday 20 – Sunday 23 April 2023, Spokane, Washington, USA   The 7th International Conference on Hate Studies is one of the leading interdisciplinary academic forums on hate, related social problems, and ways to create socially just and inclusive communities. The lessons learned and plans which emerge will help educators, researchers, advocates and others better…

28 Sep 2023

Conference – Diversity and Difference: Studies in Subjecitivation

Thursday 28 – Saturday 30 September 2023, Kiel University, Germany   “Diversity” as a rallying buzzword crops up today in greatly varying contexts: to describe relations within societies, as a part of government programs and political manifestos, or as everyday practice in organizations. Referring to diversity is often intended to communicate a certain “openness” to…


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