28 Sep 2023

Conference – Diversity and Difference: Studies in Subjecitivation

Thursday 28 – Saturday 30 September 2023, Kiel University, Germany   “Diversity” as a rallying buzzword crops up today in greatly varying contexts: to describe relations within societies, as a part of government programs and political manifestos, or as everyday practice in organizations. Referring to diversity is often intended to communicate a certain “openness” to…

04 Oct 2023

1st World Conference for Religious Dialogue and Cooperation – Religious Conflict in the World: Causes and Possible Solutions

Wednesday 4 – Sunday 8 October 2023, Struga, N. Macedonia   Divisions between participants in war conflicts are often based on their different identities or awareness of them. Religious divisions have been the cause or accompanied many conflicts: conflicts between Catholic Christians and Muslims in East Timor, Jews and Muslims in the Middle East, Protestants…

06 Nov 2023

Hybrid Conference – Exploring Population Heterogeneities

Wednesday 6 – Thursday 7 December 2023, online and Vienna, Austria   Understanding and analyzing population heterogeneity and its drivers have long been at the heart of demographic analysis. For instance, while inequalities in health and life expectancy across socio-economic groups have been studied since long, their increase over the past decade has turned into…

17 Nov 2023

Conference – Minority Rights in the Centennial of the Republic

Friday 17 – Saturday 18 November 2023, Istanbul, Turkey   The Hrant Dink Foundation will organize an international conference titled ‘Minority Rights in the Centennial of the Republic’ on November 17-18, 2023 in Istanbul. The conference seeks to analyze in detail the rights of individuals belonging to ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities, the problems faced by minorities living…

24 Nov 2023

International Conference on Media, Gender, and Development in the Era of Globalization

Friday 24 – Monday 27 November 2023, New Delhi, India (and online)   This conference is part of the activities of the Global Research and Educational Foundation India in collaboration with ISA Working Group 01 Sociology on Local-Global Relations, ISS RC 14 Globalization and Culture, ISS RC 08 Inequalities, Stratification and Exclusion Studies. Mass media…


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