BSC Conference 2022 – Reimagining Criminological Futures: New Criminologies in a Changing World

Wednesday 29 June – Friday 1 July, 2022, online & Surrey, UK


**The first day of the conference (29 June) will feature a Hate Crime Plenary Session with Neil Chakraborti, Paul Giannasi, Amanda Haynes and Jennifer Schweppe from 17:15 – 18:30 BST (available to livestream)**

The aim of the conference is to enable delegates to critically engage with research, debates and perspectives within contemporary criminology in a time of rapid social and economic change. Developments in local and world governance, global conflicts, financial crises, environmental emergency and climate change, all ask serious questions which will redefine criminological debates and pose challenges for social justice. This complex picture has been further altered by the global pandemic. As such, the conference offers a platform to debate and critical engage with the following themes:

– Understanding crime futures

We will examine what crime may look like in the future, considering wide-ranging societal and technological changes. We will consider what these transformations tell us about how we understand crime locally and across jurisdictions. We will explore the future for the prediction and prevention of victimisation and offending.

– Transformations in power, legitimacy and compliance

We will consider how government responses to the pandemic have shifted attitudes to risk and shaped how we understand regulatory regimes together with the implications for bio-surveillance states.

– Identity, empowerment and division

We will assess the processes and structures through which minority communities continue to be victimised, marginalised and have their voices silenced, and examine ways in which those communities are reframing debates and developing new agendas for progressive change within and around the criminal justice system.

– Adjustments in criminal justice policy and practice and their outcomes

We will critically integrate the ways that the institutions of justice have been changing, the impact on social justice, and the potential long-term implications.

– Criminological perspectives on global crises

We will reflect on the criminological implications of major global crises – Covid-19, political protests, violations of human rights, crimes against humanity, state crime, terrorism, and corporate and transitional crimes.

– Developments in science and technology

We will consider developments in science and technology and their criminological implications. We will examine interfaces between policy making, science and methodology, and explore how we should understand, for example, developments in cybercrime, artificial intelligence and algorithms, facial recognition, genetic crime control, bio-crimes (like gene hacking) bio-criminology and environmental crime.

The conference will be face-to-face. We will bring together delegates from diverse backgrounds (academics, policymakers, practitioners, NGOs, businesses) to discuss and share ideas on the most seminal and pressing issues in criminology today. Like previous years the conference programme will comprise plenary sessions, parallel sessions, roundtables, and author meets critics sessions. We will provide opportunities to network, expand your knowledge, and to present ideas to others.


Find out more information and book your place here:

This event will be held online and at University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey GU2 7XH, United Kingdom

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