Conference: Hate Propaganda at International Criminal Tribunals

Monday 10 May 9:00 GMT – Tuesday 11 May 14:00 GMT 2020, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK


While empirical research strongly indicates that propaganda falls on fertile grounds of our mental landscapes, the insights into the concept of propaganda in the legal sphere lag behind such studies and scientific publications.

This symposium will provide a forum for a rigorous analysis and exploration of the necessity of an improved approach to dealing with the phenomenon of hate and fear propaganda at international criminal tribunals.

Distinguished, international and multi-disciplinary panels of leading experts in the field will cover four main themes:

1) The Nature, Manifestations and Effects of Hate and Fear Propaganda

2) The Inclusion of Social Sciences Expertise during Propaganda Trials at International Criminal Tribunals

3) Legal Challenges to Successful Prosecution of Hate Propagandists at International Criminal Tribunals and Calls for Reform

4) Ongoing Hate Propaganda in Different Regions of the World


Find out more information and book your free spot here:

This event is being held at Great Hall, Sutherland Building, College Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 8ST, United Kingdom

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