Dispatches ‘Racist Britain’

Channel 4 Dispatches will tonight (Monday 11th July) reveal the reality of the impact of the EU Referendum on xenophobia in the UK. For the past six months Dispatches have been tracking a rising tide of hate – online and on our streets, and can reveal the true scale of racism in Britain.

Racist Britain, fronted by Seyi Rhodes, reveals:

  • There were more than thirteen thousand tweets that used terms that could be seen as Xenophobic and racist in the week immediately after the EU referendum.
  • There were 2413 original accounts of hateful incidents, which were shared over fourteen thousand times.
  • After the Brussels attacks there was a tripling the number of Islamophobia messages that were being sent in the UK, from around 216 tweets per day before the Brussels attacks to on average 680 a day after the attacks. In the week following the attacks, Demos identified and captured almost 60,000 tweets from people in Britain using words that could be seen as Islamophobic.
  • Almost five thousand of these were angry, severely derogatory and explicitly anti-Islamic.

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