EMBRACE: The 2018 FaCT Annual Conference

Join the EMBRACE conference in exploring:

  • Promising and effective programs to reach underserved and isolated families
  • Strategies to address stigmas and improve access to family support serivces
  • Partnership development to enhance and leverage our community efforts
  • Capacity building programs that are responsive to the needs of OC’s growing and diverse communities

Especially of interest to members may be the breakout session EMBRACING LGBTQ+ Communities: Understanding the LGBTQ+ Community and Their Challenges and Barriers.

Even before same-sex marriage was established nation-wide in 2015, the LGBTQ+ community has been pushing the boundaries of our society’s understanding of gender and sexuality. But it is still hard to be gay in America. Barriers facing this community are vast and include: increased rates of smoking and substance abuse, limited access to transgender health services, increased rates of anxiety, major depression, high rates of targeted hate crimes, and suicide.

More interesting sessions and information can be found here.


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