Exploring BREXIT – Potential impact for the EU and non-EU community in Loughborough in the areas of Immigration, Security and UK Employment law

The UK voted to leave the EU on the 23rd of June 2016 in a historic election. It appears that the decision to leave the EU took the nation and indeed our leaders by surprise as we are now gradually working through the process of what BREXIT actually means and what kind of BREXIT we will have (hard or soft?)

There are a myriad of issues resulting from the vote to leave the EU the most strongly felt being the impact on jobs and the economy, but also issues around immigration and security. In the immediate aftermath of the referendum, there was a sharp rise in hate crimes reported to the police. EU and non-EU nationals being told to “go back to your country”. What does this mean for the type of society Britain aspires to be identified as? How would Loughborough Town and indeed the UK engage with questions of race and rights in the Age of Brexit?

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