Hate Crime Awareness Training

This half day Hate Crime Awareness Session will provide attendees with an understanding of the development of Hate Crime legislation within England and Wales, and the impact Hate Crime, Hate Incidents and other forms of Discrimination have on those that it affects. The session will consider current levels of reporting and the barriers that may stop people seeking help when they are subjected to hostility.

The session has been designed to meet the needs of attendees who come into contact with service users as part of their work but who would benefit from an increased understanding of Hate Crime and Discrimination to help them improve support and advise those that it affects.

The session will be delivered by Andrew Bolland, Strategic Development and Partnerships Manager at Leicester LGBT Centre. Andrew previously worked for Stop Hate UK, West Yorkshire Police and Victim Support, during which time he assisted in the development of services for victims of Hate Crime, locally regionally and nationally, and regularly delivered awareness sessions and presented at Conferences across the UK.

Attendees will receive Certificates of Attendance on completion of the session.

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