Hate Crime Consultation Discussion Forum

The Law Commission has recently opened a public consultation on whether to expand existing hate crime laws in England and Wales. The proposals would extend laws that currently cover hate based on race and religion to also include disability, sexual orientation and gender identity.

In response to the consultation, Birkbeck School of Law and the Birkbeck Gender & Sexuality Group (BiGS) are hosting a discussion forum to consider the following questions:

  • How might we respond to the Law Commission’s proposals?
  • Is harsher sentencing an appropriate response to hate-motivated violence and hatred-inciting speech?
  • Is the consultation’s focus on sentencing too narrow? What issues are missing?
  • What strategies should be prioritised in preventing, addressing and responding to hate-motivated violence?

The forum will provide space for dialogue among a range of groups who are affected by the proposal and consider perspectives that are often absent from the broader public debates about hate crime. Speakers will provide background information and different views on the Consultation and then all participants will have an opportunity share their experiences and ideas. The forum aims to provide a space to critically discuss the implications of the proposal across targeted groups and explore alternative ways of creating systemic community safety for marginalised people.


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