Hate Crime Research Group Webinar: Ethnicity, Care Experience and Criminalisation

Wednesday 24 April 2024, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm BST, online (UK)


This webinar will focus on “Ethnicity, Care Experience and Criminalisation: Using Admin Data to Interrogate Youth (In)Justice in England”  with Dr Katie Hunter, Manchester Metropolitan University*

Chaired by Dr Irene Zempi, Lead of the NTU Hate Crime Research Group and Chair of the BSC Hate Crime Network.

Wherever we might care to look in the world, youth justice systems disproportionately draw in some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children (see Goldson et al 2020). Globally, there is a stark over-representation of children who have been in out of home care (OOHC) (Carr & Maycock, 2019; McFarlane, 2018; Stanley, 2016) and children from racially minoritised backgrounds (Lammy, 2016; Papalia et al 2019; Thampapillai, 2018; Zane, 2020). In England and Wales, such over-representation has deep roots whereby negative assumptions based on race, gender and social class have permeated debates about criminality (Carlen, 1988; Gilroy, 1987). Despite longstanding knowledge of these issues, and recent high-profile reviews (see Lammy, 2016; Prison Reform Trust, 2016), over-representation has intensified as the overall number of children entering the youth justice system in England and Wales has fallen (Cunneen, Goldson & Russell, 2018; Hunter, 2019). Moreover, there is qualitative evidence that Black and ethnic minority children in OOHC may be particularly at risk of youth justice involvement (Hunter, 2022). Newly linked administrative datasets from Ministry of Justice and Department for Education have now made it possible to quantify the relationship between care experience, ethnicity and youth justice involvement. Taking a critical perspective, this paper draws on findings from an ADR UK Fellowship project using these datasets. It attempts to answer pressing questions about the extent of criminalisation in England and makes the case for moving beyond government measurement exercises to more meaningful criminological enquiry (Carlen, 2005).

*Dr Katie Hunter is an ADR (Administrative Data Research) UK Research Fellow and Lecturer in Criminology at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her Fellowship project involves using linked Ministry of Justice and Department for Education data to explore the intersections between ethnicity, care experience and youth justice involvement.


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