INACH Annual Conference 2016 – Taking back the digital streets

The past ten years saw hate migrating to the digital streets, littering them with vicious antisemitism,  racism, homophobia, hate against refugees, Muslims, Roma and Sinti and misogyny. This migration was not just a simple change of platform or scenery. Online hate speech is much more ubiquitous, intrusive and viral than its so-called In Real Life (IRL) counterpart. Social media has made the spreading of hate cheap, hateful messages can be styled in a “cool” or “funny” look, producing digital content has become easy for everyone, and finally, the internet turned the whole world into an audience whether they like it or not.
Cyber hate is – therefore – huge and more omnipresent than IRL hate speech ever could be. It is high time to take back and clean up the digital streets, so they become safe again for everybody.
The code of conduct which was signed in May this year between the European Commission
and Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube, with commitments to combat the spread of
illegal online hate speech in Europe, and the large EC-financed project “Research–Report–Remove: Countering Cyber Hate Phenomena”, done by the International Network Against
Cyber Hate, puts INACH and other NGOs in a uniquely ideal position to take point and aid the
process of creating a better online environment.
Our 2016 annual conference aims to facilitate this process by gathering useful experience and input from experts,European and national law makers and other stakeholders.
Please see program here.

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