Intersectionality and Brexit: Analyses and Strategies

A Collaborative Event organised by the Centre for Gender Studies and the Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence

Dr. Nadine El-Enay (Birkbeck), Prof. Gurminder Bhambra (Warwick), Prof. Anne-Marie Fortier (Lancaster)

Chair: Dr. Naaz Rashid (Sussex)

This event explores the raced, gendered and sexual impacts of the result of the EU referendum. It aims to respond to Brexit as an urgent and rapidly developing issue and context. The panel will feature several short, informal presentations by thinkers and activists in the areas of migration, diasporas, austerity, postcolonial studies, race, gender, class, and queer theory. The event will be open-ended, with time for discussion and responses and opportunities for all attenders and participants to offer ideas and strategies. The objective will be to identify what questions and impacts are likely to arise from Brexit, and what intersecting issues we will need to focus on and take action on in the coming months and years.

More information can be found here.

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