Islamophobia & Introduction to Islam

In light of the current climate pertaining to Islam and Muslims, suspicion of all Muslim people and disrespect of Mosques and the sacred scripture of Qur’an has grown exponentially in the U.S. Hate crimes are at a new high. You are invited to become a peacemaker by attending this three-hour course to learn more about the tradition that has the same root teachings as Christianity and Judaism.

The course will cover an overview of Islam, terminology, history, major teachings, sects within religion, rituals, its relations with other Abrahamic faiths and cultures, as well as the role of women in Islam. This is a well-rounded introductory class for those who want to learn about Islam and its way of life and practice, and raise an awareness about Islamophobia.

REGISTRATION REQUIRED | Cost $25, Students $10

Scholarships available – email or call 502-214-7322

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