Leicester LGBT Centre Conference – Achievements and Challenges for the LGBT+ communities

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Leicester LGBT Centre, and thanks to a partnership with De Montfort University we are holding a conference on Friday 17th of February 2017 to reflect on the achievements and challenges faced by the LGBT+ communities. The event celebrates the work of the LGBT Centre, looking retrospectively at the development of the LGBT+ communities in the county and looking forward to consider the issues that LGBT people face, the support that is currently available and services that we can develop in the future.

The conference sessions will focus on three different LGBT+-related issues that our communities are facing nowadays: Young Transgender People, the fight to achieve equality; Tackling LGBT+ Hate Crime, a social challenge; and Reconciling ethnicity, faith and sexuality. The sessions will be delivered by Susie Green and Professor Rusi Jaspal, and will be complemented by practical workshops. See the programme and more information here.

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