What is & How to Do LGBT History Conference

14-15th February 2015


Despite the increasing popular demand for ‘LGBT History’ in Britain, the history of attitudes towards sex and gender diversity in the UK remains an underdeveloped field, especially in comparison with the advances that have been made in the United States. An important part of the 10th anniversary celebrations of LGBT History month is the 1st National Festival over St Valentine’s Weekend 2015 in Manchester (aka ‘Manchester in Love 2015’) that seeks to lead and develop the growing discourse into past attitudes towards sex and gender diversity within the academy and among the general public.

The academic conference ‘What is & How to Do LGBT History?’ runs parallel to the ‘Manchester in Love’ Festival and seeks to place attitudes, experiences and identities in their historical context. In doing so, we hope to uncover and understand regional, temporal and ideological differences in past attitudes towards gender and sex. We are delighted to annouce that many the LGBT HM Distinguished Academic Patrons will be in attendance and contributing to the event.

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