Love Instead of Hate – Warwickshire Community Conference

This event is for people who live and work in Warwickshire. We want everyone to come together to fight hate in our communities, embrace our differences and promote cohesion. Hate crime is a widely unreported problem as victims don’t always think a crime has been committed. This event will aim to provide a greater understanding about what constitutes hate crime and how it can be reported within Warwickshire. The conference objectives are:

  • Raise awareness and reinforce messages about hate crime and the importance of reporting.
  • Encourage communities to speak out against hate and report incidents.
  • Empower and inspire people to be actively involved in combating hate within their own community.
  • Update communities about the work being undertaken in Warwickshire by Partners (You said, We did) and obtain ideas about new areas of work.

More information can be found here.

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