Malmö University Conference on Hate Crime

23 October 2014

20 years ago Sweden launched the penalty enhancement rule for crimes motivated by a bias against the victim. Since then the subject of hate crime has gained increasing academic, public and policy attention. The conference takes stock of questions asked about hate crime in the past, in the present and the questions that should be asked in the future. The conference is organized by the Department of Criminology, Malmö University, together with Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare.

The conference is free to all delegates and features:

  • an overview of the state of the field
  • a discussion on the philosophical and theoretical issues underlying hate crime legislation and policy
  • key findings and recommendations from current research projects, including: victimization and consequences of victimization for the Roma and Traveller community; student victimization; the victimization of afro-swedes
  • a hate crime panel discussion with, among others, academics, non governmental organisations and police representatives.

Speakers include: Prof. Eva Tiby, Dr. David Brax, Dr Anders Wigerfeldt, Dr. Berit Wigerfelt, Dr. Caroline Mellgren, Mika Andersson and Simon Wallengren.

Moderator: Nedjma Chaoche

The conference is held in Swedish, for more information, visit:

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