Moving on from Prevent: Radicalisation & Community Engagement

Thursday 7 July 2016, 9:30-16:00, London


In the UK, a key part of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy is called Prevent. It is a programme aimed at stopping more people getting drawn towards violent extremism. Yet some argue that it is failing because it is seen as targeting one community and the problem is that regardless of best intentions, if the programme is widely perceived as being discriminatory then it inevitably runs the risk of failure.

This Seminar looks at the problems of the Government’s Prevent strategy and how we can address them at a local level through the work of communities and local authorities. How do we win the hearts and minds of young people without them feeling they are being targeted,how do we equip our young people with the critical thinking to assess radicalised messages so to be able to challenge them and how do we create links between communities to create the context in which to do this?

These are the critical questions because the government’s counter-terrorism strategy has been remarkably successful at the level of security and the basic protection of British citizens with any number of plots foiled and people brought to justice but at the level of affecting hearts and minds for the better it has been largely unsuccessful.”

This workshop will focus on how we move from Prevent as a tool to counter security to one where we engage young people through dialogue and good practice. We will have some major speakers outlining the deficits in the Prevent Strategy and how these need to be confronted and we will have some case studies of good practice. We will also have space to develop our own ideas and to map ways forward.


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This event is taking place at NCVO, 8 All Saints Street, London N1 9RL.

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