Online Workshop Series – Medialab: Racism, Hate Speech & Misinformation (Session 1)

Thursday 23 February 2023, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm GMT, online (UK)


International Communities Organisation (ICO) is a London-based international organisation with UN consultative status and working for peace and reconciliation in divided conflict affected areas with a specific focus on minority rights.

We are inviting you to our 2 days’ workshop on media and human rights. This workshop series is programmed by ICO as a part of the Media Lab project of Social Innovation Hub in Lebanon and supported by the British Council.

In order to raise awareness of the impact of hateful and false content on media freedom and communities, participants will find an opportunity to explore following topics:

  • Hate speech VS Freedom of speech
  • UN draft guidelines for hate speech online
  • Inter-ethnic and inter-religious relations, sectarian identities & religious ideologies.
  • Populist propaganda & marginalisation of minority groups
  • Political discourse analysis, public attitudes and opinions
  • Digital authoritarianism
  • Fact-checking tools & international collaboration
  • Inclusive digital storytelling

What this workshop will entail

It will include a participative environment through breakout groups, discussion sessions and workshop exercises where we will explore the theoretical approach and practical tools, and encourage group presentations from participants on the second day.

We are currently anticipating an audience/participant of about 60 young students, 40 from Lebanon and 20 from the UK. The workshop, therefore, will also allow a collaboration and knowledge exchange between participants residing in the UK and Lebanon.

Important Dates

The two-day workshop will run on

  • Thursday 23rd of February, 2023 (DAY 1) 09:00-17:10 GMT
  • Thursday 2nd of March, 2023 (DAY 2) 09:00-15:50 GMT

We are honoured to have the following speakers:

  1. Dr Murni Wan Nor – Senior Lecturer at Universiti Putra Malaysia, focus on racism in the media
  2. Mrs Sara Hteit – Journalist and media trainer with the focus on combating hate speech and constructive content
  3. Sandra Pogodda – Professor of Politics at University of Manchester, focus on disinformation
  4. Mrs Lara Azzam – Senior Research Fellow at King’s College London, focus on addressing violent extremism. From Lebanon
  5. Mrs Rachel Muller-Heyndyk – Head of UK Fact Checking at Logically, focus on Fact Checking Tools and International Collaboration
  6. Myriam Rey and Juan delGado – Qisetna, a UK based NGO, preserves the cultural and oral heritage of communities affected by conflict and displacement, one story at a time.
  7. Charlie Grant – Project Coordinator for International Communities Organisation | MA Human Rights (Political Science), focus on the importance of language and the ways in which political discourse and the media constitutes public attitudes and opinions.
  8. Kristina Arakelova – a senior fellow at the UN OHCHR as Minority Rights Defender and Ethnic Conflict, and assisting special Rapporteur on Minority Issues
  9. Aniqah Zowmi – works from an intersectional, anti-oppressive operational framework, foreign policy, activism, and advocacy. Working for a future free of systemic barriers – in all the ways they manifest.

How to get involved?

If you are a UK resident (includes temporary residents) and interested in attending these two days workshop, please apply by filling in this form

Deadline to apply is 8 February 2023.

Only 20 seats are available for UK participants. Age between 18-32.

There is no registration fee to apply and attend the online event.

However, full participation is a must to be selected. Please make sure you can attend all sessions on these dates prior to submitting your application.

Places on this workshop are limited, so we urge those interested to apply as soon as possible. We hope to confirm the places by the second week of February.


Find out more information and book your free place here:

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