Professional Development Session – Together Against Antisemitism

Friday 25 August 2023, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm CDT, Birmingham, AL, USA


Acts of antisemitism in the U.S. increased 36 percent last year — the highest recorded level since 1979. This is just part of an alarming upward trend in the number of hate crimes against minorities in our country, and these numbers are rising daily.

Birmingham Jewish community organizations have come together to offer Together Against Antisemitism, an educational development opportunity for your organization’s professionals featuring a conversation between WVTM 13 News Anchor Sheri Falk and Dov Wilker from the American Jewish Committee.

Understanding antisemitism is the first step in engaging in the fight against what is considered “the world’s oldest hatred.” You might be surprised to hear about the many subtle ways that antisemitism manifests itself in our workplaces, politics, social media, and schools.

This program will be hosted by the Levite Jewish Community Center thanks to funding by the Birmingham Jewish Federation, plus support from the Jewish Community Relations Council and the Alabama Holocaust Education Center.


Find out more information and book your free place here:

This event will be held at Levite Jewish Community Center, 3960 Montclair Road, Birmingham, AL, 35213, United States

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