Reconciling Values, Religion and Human Rights – European Network of Religion and Belief seminar

The next ENORB seminar will focus especially on those aspects of human rights, including some key components of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, such as LGBT rights and the rights of religious minorities, which have come under attack in some parts of Europe and also by some groups within key European religion or belief (R&B) traditions. ENORB’s role to oppose discrimination of any kind – and to support and build solidarity between minorities subject to persecution and hate crime – whether on grounds of LGBT or religion/belief has never been more important.
The aims of the seminar will be both exploratory and practical;
  • To help plan a new project for 2016.
  • To identify shared and positive values which can be subscribed to by all R&B traditions across Europe in all its diversity
  • To build campaigning partnerships between R&B and LGBT organisations for local action to combat hate crime and implement key fundamental rights which are under attack in several parts of Europe.

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