Seeking Interviewees – Politics Dissertation Research on Misogyny Hate Crime, The University of Manchester

January – March 2020, Seeking Interviewees for Undergraduate Dissertation Project, University of Manchester, UK


This is a final year, undergraduate dissertation project. I am exploring the potential efficacy of recognising misogyny or gender-based targeting as forms of hate crime within the national policing and legislative hate crime frameworks. In 2016 Nottinghamshire Police introduced the policy, with three other forces subsequently recognising and recording instances of misogyny or gendered hate crime. In light of national campaigning from organisations such as Citizens UK and The Fawcett Society, and cross-party political support from MPs such as Stella Creasy and Lucy Frazer, the Law Commission of England and Wales agreed to initiate a review into Hate Crime legislation in 2018, with emphasis on the potential inclusion of misogyny or gender as well as intersectional hate crime recording.

For this research project I am conducting a series of interviews with professionals from the Police, women’s organisations, charities, campaign groups and private, public and academic institutions. I am looking for researchers and stakeholders with expert knowledge or insight into hate crime, and/or gender equality, women’s empowerment and violence against women and girls. Interviews will explore the efficacy of the hate crime framework for tackling societal inequality, and/or the extent to which tackling gendered and intersectional violence and inequality requires crime and policing initiatives. Participants will be required to take part in one, one-hour interview, taking place over the phone or at the participant’s place of work between January and March 2020. I may aim to reformat the dissertation for publication in an academic journal or as a report for an external organisation.  


For more information or to participate in this project, contact Sylvie Pope here:

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