Seeking Panellists – Greater Manchester Forum on Misogyny and Hate Crime

Seeking Panellists for Forum to be held March 2020, Manchester, UK


In 2018 Greater Manchester Citizens launched ‘Misogyny Is Hate’, a campaign calling on Greater Manchester Police to recognise misogyny as a hate crime category. This followed Nottinghamshire Police introducing misogyny hate crime recording in 2016 and has contributed to growing national discourse and cross-party political support for crime and policing initiatives on misogyny. In September 2019, Greater Manchester Citizens hosted the Law Commission of England and Wales for a Hearing on Hate Crime. This brought together the community and representatives from the Challenging Hate Forum, Greater Manchester Police and the Greater Manchester Lieutenancy. In October 2019, Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) released a public consultation on Hate Crime, which included asking whether hate against women and girls should be monitored.

We are seeking the assistance of researchers and stakeholders with expert insight into hate crime, and/or misogyny and violence against women and girls, to speak at another Greater Manchester event to be held in March 2020. This will include panellists discussing intersectional gender inequality and violence, as well as hate crime and public safety initiatives. This event will hopefully provide an opportunity to discuss the results of the GMCA consultation on hate crime, and may provide further information, research and insight to be presented to the ongoing Law Commission Review.


For more information or to participate in this event, please contact Sylvie Pope here:

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