Tackling Hate Crimes & Islamaphobia Conference 2017

Shahid Malik, chair of National Tell MAMA Advisory Board invites you to meet and hear from Home Office Senior Official , RT Hon Andy Burnham MP and Labour Nominated Candidate for Greater Manchester Mayor, Chief Super Intendent Greater Manchester and Tell MAMA key influencers at a national and local level: Maqsood Ahmad, Natalie Boyland, Iman Abou Atta, and Fiyaz Mughal. The aim of the conference is to:

  • Hear the voices of those that have been subjected to hate crimes and Islamophobia
  • Hear from Minister and MP’s commitment to tackling Hate Crimes and Islamophobia
  • increase public awareness on the importance of tackling hate crimes and Islamophobia including the impact it has on victims, families and wider society.
  • Debate the recently published Casey Report and what this means for communities.
  • Find out the work of National and regional Tell MAMA
  • launch the Greater Manchester Tell MAMA Youth Leadership Programme

Register here.

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