Tackling Hate Crimes & Islamaphobia Conference 2017

Shahid Malik, chair of National Tell MAMA Advisory Board invites you to meet and hear from Home Office Senior Official , RT Hon Andy Burnham MP and Labour Nominated Candidate for Greater Manchester Mayor, Chief Super Intendent Greater Manchester and Tell MAMA key influencers at a national and local level: Maqsood Ahmad, Natalie Boyland, Iman Abou Atta, and Fiyaz Mughal. The aim of the conference is to:

•Hear the voices of those that have been subjected to hate crimes and Islamophobia

•Hear from Minister and MP’s commitment to tackling Hate Crimes and Islamophobia

•increase public awareness on the importance of tackling hate crimes and Islamophobia including the impact it has on victims, families and wider society.

•Debate the recently published Casey Report and what this means for communities.

•Find out the work of National and regional Tell MAMA

•launch the Greater Manchester Tell MAMA Youth Leadership Programme

And lunch will be provided.

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