Tower Hamlets: Faith in Community

Join the Tower Hamlets Inter Faith Forum for a panel discussion on hate crime and the faith community on Thursday 27th October, from 6pm. 

There has been a well-documented rise in hate crime both in East London and across the country. Tower Hamlets also has a strong history of faith and community responses to hate crime and discrimination, from the Battle of Cable Street to the more recent challenge to Britain First protests outside the East London Mosque.

A panel of leaders in the sector will join us to discuss how faith and community movements come together, and what we can do to support faith-based responses in Tower Hamlets. Join us from 6pm for refreshments and a panel discussion introduced by Councillor Shiria Khatun, lead for community cohesion in Tower Hamlets, and Rev. Alan Green, Chair of the Tower Hamlets Inter Faith Forum.

Register here.

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