The Ugly Face of Disability Hate Crime with presenter Adam Pearson

Tuesday 1 December, 18:00-19:30pm, University of Hertfordshire


The Equality Office is very proud to be hosting a screening of the excellent BBC documentary ‘The Ugly Face of Disability Hate Crime’ with guest appearance and Q&A session with Adam Pearson the presenter of the show.

Described as great television which changes how you think (The Guardian), this documentary follows Adam Pearson who is on a mission to explore disability hate crime – to find out why it goes under-reported, under-recorded and under people’s radar.  He challenges people into questioning their attitudes towards disability and disfigurement and tries to uncover the influences that may be causing people to commit disability hate crime in the first place.  Adam looks to understand the laws and finds that a mixture of ignorance and inequalities mean that disablism, an active prejudice against the disabled, is not treated with anything approaching the seriousness of other hate crimes such as race or religion.


Find out more information and register for your free place here:

This event is taking place at the University of Hertfordshire, A154 Lindop Building, College Lane, Hatfield, Hertfordshire AL10 9AB.

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