Working Therapeutically with Gender Identity

Saturday 26 September 2015, 10:00-16:30pm, London

Attendees will have a clear understanding of the gender continuum, terminology, the routes to physical transition NHS & private (plus timescales), how the gender identity is formed, how best to support trans people (what all professionals supporting trans people need to know), standard of care (treatment protocols), understanding transphobia and hate-crime.

Individuals will come away from the session with a clearer understanding of what it means to be trans and have the knowledge and skills to support trans clients in a Transpositive manner.

Training Seminar Objectives & Outcomes:

  •  What it means to inhabit the Body and to Experience ones own Gender Identity
  •  An understanding of the experiences and demands of Transgendered People, and its impact on your work with them
  •  Have the Confidence to support people with Gender issues, inc. working with the clients personal meaning of their gender identity
  •  The diference of transgender from lesbian, gay and bisexual…LGBT
  •  Discover what the Gender Spectrum is, relevant terminology, history of transgender and its current influences, & the clinical options.
  •  Dual Diagnosis: Mental Health / Substance-Misuse
  •  Managing disclosures of Transphobia and Trans-Hate crime.

Find out more information and register for your ticket here:

This event is taking place at The Wesley, 81-103 Euston Street, NW1 2EZ

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