Workshop – Civil Society and Academia Collaboration in Combating Anti-LGBTQ Hate Crime

Wednesday 24 – Thursday 25 May 2023, Dublin, Ireland


The world today seems to be at the verge of a new era. A rampaging war in Europe, dividing populist rulers across the globe, and a long-lasting health crisis appear as symptoms of profound change that has been predicted by philosophers and social scientists for decades of theorising the ‘post-modern’. What will happen with our established institutions in this new coming era? Will there remain democracy and human rights? How will civil society transform? These questions are not theoretical anymore but practical. Political cynicism and greed, hunger for power and reprehensible self-interest damaged the fragile fabric of human cohabitation locally, regionally and world-wide. This situation is leading to the increase of violence, especially the violence targeted at the most marginalised groups in our societies.

This project aims to identify the best practices in the area of protection of the vulnerable from violence by looking at one particular example, protections of LGBTQ+ people from hate crime. The project connects researchers, practitioners and activists together to provide space to learn from each other about how to work towards bringing an end to anti-LGBTQ+ violence. Through sharing our know-hows with each other, we will enable concerted effort against anti-queer hate crime in the epoch of increased violence instigated by political opportunism. The project builds a pool of resources on anti-LGBTQ+ hate crime which will be equally useful to academics, practitioners and activists.

The primary aim of the workshop is to identify, share and uphold the best practices in the sphere of anti-LGBTQ+ hate crime activism, research and legislation. The workshop will be built around the following four large themes of interest:

  1. Record and Report Hate
  2. Legal Response: the best legislation ideas
  3. Enforcement and Practices: civil society and the law
  4. Disseminate Know-Hows: how art and literature help prevent violence

The list of the themes is not exhaustive and can be updated with your contributions and perspectives. If you want to participate in the discussions, please consider applying and take part in the workshop. Possible modes of participation are: a report (15-20 minutes), an expert intervention (contribution to a panel discussion answering questions), or questions and commentary (active participation as an audience member).


Find out more information and book your free place here:

This event will be held at UCD Sutherland School of Law Moot Court (room), Sutherland School of Law UCD Campus Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland

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