Action Day countering Antisemitic Hate Speech

Express your solidarity with those who are targeted by antisemitic hate speech and express your support to the Action Day by

  • posting/tweeting with the slogan/image of the Action Day: “STOP ANTISEMITISM”
  • adding the Action Day image to your social media profile photo
  • adding your photo to the No Hate Chain of the Movement

Flag online antisemitic hate speech content on Hate Speech Watch add your counter argument to the content and share it on your social media

Share some of the recommended counter narrative content on your social media. Select one of the MEMEs, Infographics, blog posts and resources that are in line with Human Rights and that explain why and how to react to antisemitic hate speech online and offline

Organise and offline activity or run an educational session with young people that raises awareness and/or educates about Antisemitism and ways of preventing it, and ways of counter arguing it. You can read some resources here: How to prevent and counter antisemitic hate speech? Don’t forget to share about your activity and inspire others through the campaign blog online form, facebook or twitter.

More information here.

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