Behind Closed Doors – Medway

A new interactive social-media style simulation, a training tool on the routes to radicalisation and extremism, educates professionals and young people on the dangers of grooming for radicalisation via social media and through face-to-face contact. Through the use of our proven social media style interface (iSocialike, Hashtagged, WeTube, Picturegram,WhatsChat and Snappit) you will learn about grooming by tracking the behaviour of the groomer and seeing the implications.

Real life news clips from Sky news and the BBC open each scene and offer the opportunity to discuss complex topics in relation to radicalisation and British Values. These include hate crime, freedom of speech, propaganda, online grooming, far right extremism and terrorism. The simulation can be used to support SMSC development in lessons such as PSHE, citizenship, and aspects of history, English and general studies

More information can be found here.

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