Combating Disability Hate Crime

Wednesday 27th January 2016, 11:00-15:30pm, London

Tackling disability hate crime requires a joint-up approach from police, probation and the CPS. Published in May, the Criminal Justice Inspectorate’s follow up report concluded that performance by criminal justice agencies in relation to disability hate crime was “disappointing”.

Attend this Westminster Briefing event to assess your institution’s practice, understand the areas for improvement and learn how the agencies in the criminal justice system (CJS) can adapt to prioritise disability hate crime and achieve real change.

This event will address key issues like:

  • Progress of and implementing recommendations in “Joint Review of Disability Hate Crime: Follow up” report
  • Embedding disability hate crime processes in to the workings of police, probation staff and the CPS
  • Overcoming the challenges of underreporting
  • Training & leadership in the CJS: Improving skills in identification, prosecution and rehabilitation
  • Ensuring appropriate provisions of support are available for victims with mental or physical disabilities
  • Defining disability hate crime: Raising awareness of it across the CJS and to the public
  • Challenging the prejudiced attitudes that inhibit disability hate crime
  • Examples of effectively identifying, preventing, tackling and prosecuting incidents of disability hate crime
  • What are the key steps to improve service delivery for victims of hate crime?

Find out more information and register for your place here:

This event is taking place in Central London (Zone 1, Venue TBC)

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