E-Learning Module Webinar: Radicalisation & The Far Right

This is a pre-recorded webinar where we look at “radicalisation” in the UK and the far right. Much attention has been given to “religious fundamentalism” that we sometimes forget that there is a growing example of hatred and provocation coming from the far right in the UK.

This webinar will consider the different types of threat presented by the various ‘faces’ of the far-right in contemporary Britain. This includes party political organisations like the BNP and NF – both shadows of their former selves – more recent ‘street-based’ movements like the English Defence Leagues and, more recently, PEGIDA; and finally, the risk of hate crimes and terrorism posed by right wing extremism – both magnified in the wake of ‘Brexit’.

Alongside this overview of the British far-right, different kinds of ‘threat’ will also be considered, ranging from local considerations about community cohesion to forms of violent extremism dealt with, in particular, under the Prevent and Channel agendas.

More information and registration here.

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