Deadline to register for Facing Facts “Hate Crime Monitoring Course”

This is a 6-week course designed to develop a better understanding about the nature and impact of hate crime and to provide participants with tools to accurately monitor their occurrence. Detailed information about the course and enrollment instructions can be found on the Facing Facts website. The course starts on 16 October, 2017.

You will learn about the following:

  • Understand and meet the needs of victims who want to report hate crimes
  • Understand the main sources and categories of hate crime data
  • Identify the most common bias indicators across a range of bias motivations and types of hate crime
  • Learn and apply the most common hate crime recording and monitoring techniques
  • Understand and apply the key principles involved in analyzing and presenting hate crime data
  • Be aware of criminal justice standards in recording and presenting hate crime data and understand key techniques in producing data that can be compared and analysed in the context of available police and prosecution data
  • Develop the necessary techniques to produce hate crime reports
  • Identify how to improve organizational monitoring and reporting activities
  • Facilitate the development of organizational capacity building in order to increase the services CSOs can provide to victims and broader communities

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