LGBT+ Hate Crime: Report It, Prevent It.

Under-reporting of LGBT+ hate crime is the key reason behind the fact that violence against LGBT communities remains invisible in the public and within law enforcement. Low reporting can also send a message that no hate crimes are being committed. This can result in poor service delivery to survivors, as authorities might argue that the problem is not significant enough to invest resources in appropriate support. Furthermore, lack of reporting can also create an environment that not only accepts this kind of violence, but may even encourage it.

Emphasizing the importance of reporting LGBT+ hate crime, the training session aims to increase understanding of LGBT+ hate crime and build confidence of members of community to report hate-motivated incidents.

The 2-hour session will address the following questions:

  1. What is hate crime and how do L, G, B and T men and women experience it?
  2. How does hate crime impact individuals and communities?
  3. What are barriers to reporting and accessing services?
  4. Why report hate crime?
  5. What to do following an incident?
  6. Which are local services that can assist with reporting, advice, and support?

Register here.

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