LGBTQ hate crimes: Seattle isn’t immune

Spectrum Dance Theater, Crosscut, and The Seattle Public Library present a panel discussion.

Before the PULSE nightclub massacre in Orlando — the deadliest shooting and worst hate crime in U.S. history — LGBTQ people were already the most likely targets of hate crimes in America. Seattle is famous for our active LGBTQ community, but we are not exempt. In 2015, 72 hate crimes against LGBTQ people were reported to the Seattle PD — double from the previous year. Nationwide, bias-motivated killings of LGBTQ people are rising, with people of color massively overrepresented as victims. As trust in American authority and government wavers, we must ask ourselves: What can we do to combat violence and support justice from within? At this panel, listen to and engage with leaders in the LGBTQ community to discover ways that we can work to change the root causes of harm and oppression, and ultimately end anti-LGBTQ violence.

More information and register here.

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