Online Event: Shaping the Future of Europe Youth Summit

Thursday 13 May 2021, 9:30 am – 7:00 pm CET, online


The Youth Summit will provide a platform for youth organisations and youth engaging across the continent to shape the future of Europe and bring forward their voices and their solutions on the most significant challenges facing us in Europe and in the world today.

The event will be highly interactive, dynamic and engaging – with presentations, interactive sessions, and hearing from some of the most dedicated and inspiring youth working in their communities, nationally and internationally.

The purpose of the Youth Summit is to enhance the understanding of the problems we currently face in Europe such as radicalisation, extremism, polarization, discrimination, fake news and hate speech while empowering the youth to become active changemakers in society.

This will be a one-day online event with multiple sessions, inspiring speakers, experts and practitioners as well as partner organizations and institutions that will contribute to an interactive and engaging medium of learning and expressing oneself, by building on the Shaping the Future of Europe values of inclusion, diversity and youth empowerment.

The sessions will include the promotion of alternative narratives, art & performance methods for societal change and youth activism as well as best practices on how to become an upstander in the community, with the youth involved in the Do One Brave Thing project.

More information about the organisations involved, speakers, agenda, sessions & registration will be provided soon!

This Youth Summit is organised by the DO ONE BRAVE THING project, as part of The Shaping the Future of Europe Initiative which aims to bring together European youth, youth organisations and CSOs addressing polarisation, radicalisation, youth civic engagement and participation.


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