Reform, resistance and revolution in the age of Trump

Whilst it’s easy to look at the USA as being particularly bad, it’s worth remembering that right wing politics have been sweeping across the globe. This isn’t just in the form of far-right parties like the Front National or Geert Wilders Party for Freedom in Holland, but also in mainstream political parties shifting right. In the UK it’s difficult to remember a more right wing climate, as not only are hate crimes on the rise, but politicians such as Theresa May continue to push a regressive and harmful brand of politics.

Current institutions and media outlets are not working in the interests of the many but in the interests of a privileged few. (best encapsulated by George Osborne being made Editor of the Evening Standard). So, what can be done? Many people have reacted to austerity by funnelling into the Labour Party, which now has the biggest membership of any political party in Western Europe. But, is this strategy doomed to fail? Can Parliamentary politics ever bring about tangible change?

This panel will discuss the various strategies of resisting and organizing and what we can all do followed by a lengthy Q&A.

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