See it, Hear it, Report it – Tackling anti-Muslim Prejudice or Islamophobia – Sheffield

Wednesday 25 November 2015, 18:30-21:00pm, Sheffield


If you believe that we can build a just society where people are not targeted because of their identities, then collecively, together, we can work towards this. Sadly though, the reality is that people from all walks of life suffer hate incidents and crimes and the only way to tackle this is through community education and awareness.

With this in mind, you are cordially invited to attend Tell MAMA’s Hate Crime Awareness event on Islamophobia, entitled – ‘See it, Hear it, Report it‘ on the 25th November in Sheffield.

Tell MAMA has systematically supported over 5,000 individuals who have suffered anti-Muslim prejudice since 2012. We also map, measure and monitor anti-Musim prejudice across the country and we are the only agency to do so on an independent basis in the country.

Come and join us to see how we can work together to tackle these issues as a community. Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks) was launched by Faith Matters in March, 2012.

Tell MAMA provides (i) support, assistance and signposting to victims of anti-Muslim incidents (ii) works with the police to ensure prosecutions (iii) maps, measures and analyses hotspots and (iv) provides advice to mosques on safety and security.


Find out more information here and register for your free place:


This event is taking place at The Pakistan Muslim Centre, Woodbourn Road, Sheffield S9 3LQ.

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