After same-sex marriage, what next for LGBTI rights?

Wednesday 11 February 2015, 18:00 – 19:00pm, University of Portsmouth

A public lecture by Peter Tatchell, political campaigner best known for his work with LGBT social movements.

Despite great progress on LGBTI rights in the UK, there are still injustices. Same-sex marriage is separate and unequal marriage. Equality laws have exemptions for religious organisations. Hundreds of thousands of people are victims of homophobic hate crime and bullying in schools. Many genuine LGBTI refugees are detained and refused asylum. HIV and sex and relationship education mostly ignore LGBTI pupils. Much more needs to be done to secure LGBTI acceptance, equality and inclusion.

This event is being held at: University of Portsmouth, Portland Building, Portland Street, PO1 3AH, Portsmouth.

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