Stand Up To Racism Trade Union Conference

The election of Donald Trump in the US and the growth of anti-migrant and Islamophobic scapegoating in Britain and elsewhere have left millions of people fearful of the growth of racism.

Politicians and the media have ramped up the rhetoric against immigration while Theresa May has put the ending of the free movement of labour at the heart of her Brexit strategy.

The referendum campaign, that saw the death of Labour MP Jo Cox and racist arguments from both sides, has been followed by a spike in hate crime in Britain.

Muslims continue to be attacked as an ‘enemy within’. We’ve also seen disgraceful foot dragging by the Tory government on the Dubs Amendment to the Immigration Bill – that should have seen unaccompanied child refugees brought to safety in Britain.

In Britain, the US and across Europe, from May and Farage to Trump in the US or Le Pen in France there are many who want to divide us.


  • Defend our EU workmates and make sure their rights are maintained after Brexit.
  • Oppose attempts to blame migrants for falling wages and the slashing of our public services.
  • Arm trade union activists with the arguments they need to defeat racist ideas in the workplaces.
  • Build the biggest possible turn out by trade unionists on the Stand Up To Racism demos in London and Glasgow (backed by the TUC) on 18 March 2017.

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