Support for Victims of Crime – an Introductory Workshop

Run by Reading Voluntary Action on Wednesday 18 February 2015, 10:00 – 13:00

Find out more information and register here.

This free workshop is ideal for volunteers and staff who might support victims of crime as part of their role within generalist support agencies.  We know that many organisations which are not victim-specific might be supporting victims as part of their day to day work. For example:

  • a charity working with homeless people
  • a charity offering befriending or mentoring to vulnerable people

You will learn more about how to support your clients and when/where to refer them for more specialist support.“Support for Victims of Crime – an Introductory Workshop” aims to raise awareness about some of the issues about supporting victims, and specifically aims to provide:
● increased knowledge about the support that victims of crime can expect and where they can get it
● a better understanding of how people can be affected by crime and what can help them recover
● increased understanding of the needs of volunteers who might be supporting victims of crime

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