Taking Action Against Hate Crime in Post-Brexit Britain: Protecting Vulnerable Groups and Promoting a Culture of Tolerance and Inclusivity

This timely symposium offers an invaluable opportunity for local authorities, the police, legal professionals and third sector practitioners to analyse the increase in hate crime after the referendum and strengthen their working partnerships to ensure that hate crime in all its forms can be tackled effectively in every local community. It will also provide all relevant stakeholders with a platform to discuss ways to overcome challenges following the decision to leave the EU and to ensure Britain remains a place of tolerance and inclusivity.

Delegates will:

  • Discuss the increase in hate crime after Brexit and strategies that can be implemented to respond effectively and ensure Britain remains open and inclusive
  • Assess the Government’s plan to tackle hate crime, evaluate its impact, effectiveness and identify gaps
  • Learn about the prevalence of hate crime online and particularly on social media
  • Consider how to challenge hate crime in the public sphere and examine the role of the media in encouraging tolerance and openness
  • Explore ways to protect all vulnerable groups and create a safe space for victims to come forward to ensure better reporting and recording
  • Gain insights into strategies to promote and maintain a culture of tolerance and inclusivity in post-Brexit society
  • Understand the benefits of partnership working in taking action against hate crime at both national and local levels
  • Share best practice on ways to support victims and discuss the support services available within local communities

Visit webiste for more information and to register.

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