Training Webinar – Acting Together with Us: Educating Culturally Informed Care for AAPI Youths

Friday 2 December 2022, 5:00pm – 6:30 pm CST, online (USA)


CHATogether is a mental health initiative from the Yale School of Medicine that aims to educate trainees and clinicians to provide culturally informed care for AAPI youths by using theater and improv acting. Amidst COVID-19, we have seen an increased prevalence of anti-Asian hate crimes and bullying. These events can greatly impact mental health and providers lack education on managing these situations.

In a short skit, we will portray a teenager who is experiencing online bullying and is struggling to speak with their parents about how that affects their mental health. This skit will be followed by breakout sessions where participants will use improv acting to explore how providers can best handle discussions with teachers about racial bullying, with parents who may not believe in mental health/medications, and with grandparents/caregivers who may struggle with language and other psychosocial barriers. Finally, there will be a panel discussion about culturally informed care.

This 1.5-hour webinar will provide a fun, informative, and supportive environment to explore these important topics!

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a culturally- and family-informed approach to care to improve mental health literacy of AAPI children, teens, young adults, and parents.
  • Utilize creative platforms, such as interactive theater and improv acting, to create opportunity for non-defensive sharing and communication of health information among adolescents, their families, and teachers.

Develop a cultural informed approach for educators working with AAPI adolescent students who may experience racial bullying and struggle to communicate with school and parents.


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