Virtual Lecture – Collective Counterspeech in Conflict Fragile Settings: Risks and Possibilities

Wednesday 6 April 2022, 10:00 am – 11:00 am EST, online (Washington DC, USA)


Featuring Cathy Buerger, Director of Research at the Dangerous Speech Project.

Every day, internet users encounter hateful and dangerous speech online, and some of them choose to counterspeak – responding directly in order to refute or undermine the speech. Many of those who have taken on this effort go about it alone, while others organize into groups to coordinate responses and support each other. What opportunities exist for using group counterspeech to challenge dangerous and hateful speech in conflict fragile settings? What lessons can be learned from online collective action efforts already underway in countries around the world? This presentation will review the literature on collective online counterspeech, synthesizing knowledge from many contexts on the method’s effectiveness. Then, drawing on examples from Brazil, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sweden, and the United States, it will discuss the challenges and possibilities of using collective counterspeech to respond to hatred and dangerous speech in conflict fragile settings.


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