Virtual Seminar – Reducing Harm around Digital Labour: How Can We Tackle Online Hate?

Monday 4 April 2022, 15:00 – 16:15 BST, online (Oxford, UK)


This roundtable event from Cultures of Digital Hate will bring together leaders working across digital platforms, academia, policy and law to discuss how cultures of digital hate function, flourish in, and cause harm, in their respective fields. We will discuss who is at most risk of harm, whose voices therefore get discouraged from participating in public debate online, and what can be done to solve this problem across different sectors. The event will consider harm to people who are encouraged to use digital platforms as part of their employment, the responsibilities of employers to protect their workers from cultures of digital hate, and what digital platforms can do to address this issue.

Speakers include:

  • Imran Ahmed, CEO, Centre for Countering Digital Hate
  • Chara Bakalis, Principal Lecturer in Law, Oxford Brookes University.
  • Christopher Bouzy, Founder of Bot Sentinel, a data analysis firm which investigates online bots and hate accounts

Hosted by Dr Hannah Yelin, Oxford Brookes University and Dr Laura Clancy, Lancaster University, co-investigators for the project Cultures of Digital Hate. The project examines the risks to academics who are encouraged to have a public profile and undertake public engagement work. You can fill in the survey for the research project here.

This event is part of the Sociological Review Seminar Series and has been funded by the Sociological Review Foundation.


Find out more and book your free place here:–reducing-harm-around-digital-labour–how-can-we-tackle-online-hate-/

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