Weaving Trust Against Hate

Weaving Trust is a well tried mechanism for holding one to one discussions between people who would not otherwise meet, with the intention of engendering trust by letting strangeness fall away.

This event will have a slightly different emphasis because it is being done in partnership with Citizens:mk’s fight against hate campaign led by Fidele Mutwarasibo. We will be focusing on identifying examples of hatred within Milton Keynes and thinking about ways of alleviating it. The hate crime legislation spells out five grounds of hate: race, religion, disability, sexual orientation and sexual identity. The emphasis during this event will be on hate motivated by race and all types of religious difference. This special weaving trust event will be part of initiatives rolled out in Milton Keynes to mark the Hate Crime Week. We are expecting about 60 participants some of whom will come from the police and local council.

More information can be found here.

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