Webinar – Fighting Digital Hate Against Journalists: Lessons for Countering Hate

Wednesday 1 December 2021, 10:00 am – 11:00 am EST, online (USA)


Digital hate is a pervasive feature of the digital society. While we have a growing literature on the forms and the drivers of digital hate, we still have limited analysis on effective tactics to reduce and curb hateful content. This chapter aims to contribute to this topic by reviewing actions to address online hate targeted at journalists around the world. Journalists, particularly women and journalists of color, have been frequently targeted by digital hate given the nature of their work, as well as their public profile.

As societies understand better the risks of journalists in the digital society, several proposals have been made for journalists’ associations, technology companies, and the news industry to strengthen the safety and the wellbeing of journalists. Proposals range from changing reporting attacks and content practices in social media platforms to changes to legal frameworks to deter attacks and prosecute perpetrators. In this chapter, my interest is to review proposals, actions, and consequences in order to understand what works as well as the challenges for responding to digital hate.


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